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Why Electronic Signatures Are Necessary In The Financial Sector?

Financial services professionals like stockbrokers, wealth managers, and bankers deal with dozens, if not hundreds, of documents each week. Numerous critical tasks, such as opening a new account, gathering client information, moving payments, and many others. Necessitate the execution of legally binding documentation that requires the signature of one or more parties. Paper, not just money, is what keeps the financial services industry afloat.

So, how do you maintain an air of professionalism and class. While staying on top of all your paperwork and making sure no sheet goes unfiled? By using electronic signatures, of course.

Increase Internal Speed

Similar to how email transformed mail, e Signature for financial services have surpassed wet ink signatures. When you move your paperwork into the digital realm, you immediately cut out any and all extraneous stages.

To finalise and transmit a contract or agreement, all you need is your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to do all the heavy lifting in place of the traditional printing, signing, scanning, and mailing processes. Avoid you have being slowed down by paper jams and skewed scans any longer.

Have you ever forgotten about a document you left on a coworker’s desk? Avoid wasting time waiting on slow mail. By using Wesignature to send out signature requests directly to your business partners and employees. If you need to get someone to sign something, you can even send them a friendly reminder.

Go Global

Electronic signatures facilitate communication with clients regardless of physical proximity. It’s allowing you to work with them while they are in another city, country, or even continent. When working with high-net-worth clients who frequently travel for work, digitising your papers might be very helpful.

The right eSignature software allows you to quickly and easily exchange legally binding electronic signatures for documents with anyone, wherever in the world. All of these advantages are yours professionally as well if you work for a bank or company with several offices or branches.

High-Quality Service

The term “high-tech” has come to mean polished and practical. Why wouldn’t you want to provide it for your customers?

In place of paper and a pen, provide your in-person customer a tablet computer and stylus for signing contracts, agreements, and other documents. When clients meet their wealth manager or financial advisor. They expect to read through a mountain of papers, so seize the opportunity to wow them.

By written communication: an email can replace a stack of papers in the mail. Don’t hassle your customers; instead, ask for their signature with Wesignature. It provide them with the convenience of signing from their mobile device (iOS or Android).

Secure Everything

The privacy of your customers’ information is as important as the security of the money they entrust to you. For this reason, it’s important that whichever electronic document signing software, you end up using also serves as a secure digital storage facility.

The following safety measures have built to protect your privacy and personal information:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data transmission whenever a document has signed, imported, or completed.
  • Amazon’s AWS servers in the United States has used to store information, and they have numerous layers of protection.
  • Conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation
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