What’s the difference between right and left Twix?

Twix is a chocolate made with short bread like substance and caramel and chocolate is used to cover it. Ingredients that are used in this chocolate make it sweet and crunchy. It was first produced in United Kingdom as the name of Raider in 1967. After that it was changed with the name Twix originally in 1979 in America.

Did you know that Twix is actually made by an American company? Most people think that Twix is a British candy because of its name, but it’s actually made right here in the USA by Mars. The word Twix was generated with the mixture of words “Twin” and “Mix”. Mars introduced two types of Twix chocolates “Left Twix” and “Right Twix”. In 2012 Mars marketing strategy was that to engaged many customers and find out that which one is better from right and left Twix. As the result of this strategy many customers engaged with the company and increase the sales. Every age of people like children, young, aged all are like it.  But now question is that whats the difference between right and left twix?

Let’s find the difference between the right and left Twix.

Right Twix:

Right Twix is the only candy bar with chocolate AND fountain caramel..

Crunchy cookies inside make it crunchy and richer.

Characteristics of Right Twix:

  • Caramel substance in right Twix is less than left Twix and bit darker cookies are used in center.
  • It is the production of North American company “Mars”. The label of right Twix is red and the white color is used to write “Right Twix”.
  • It is made superior ingredients having great taste.

Left Twix:

Left Twix is wrapped with chocolate with thick caramel.

Crunchy cookies are also used inside it that makes it sweet and crunchy.

Characteristics of Left Twix:

  • It contains coated layer of caramel and lighter cookies are used to absorb it.
  • It is also the production of North American company “Mars”. The label of left Twix is white and the red color is used to write “Left Twix”.
  • It is also made superior ingredients having sweet taste.

 Compatibility of Right and Left Twix:

  • Both right and left Twix are chocolates.
  • Both contain nutritional contents in it.
  • Both are the production of the company Mars.
  • Similar ingredients and used in both of them.

Differences of Right and Left Twix:

Right Twix is wrapped in chocolate with cascaded caramel and crunchy cookie is used in it that make it crunchy and rich while Left Twix is wrapped in chocolate with thick caramel and crispy cookies used inside it that make is sweet and crispy.

  • In right Twix cascade caramel is used while in left Twix caramel flow in cookie.
  • In right Twix more caramel is used as compared to cookie while left Twix more cookies are used as compared to caramel substance.
  • In left Twix extra layer of caramel is used for absorbing while darker cookies are used in the middle of right Twix.
  • Left Twix seems small in width as compared to right Twix.
  • More stretch is used in caramel of right Twix as compared to left Twix.
  • Left Twix has relatively thick caramel while slightly thinner caramel used in right Twix.
  • Left Twix is sweet and cruncher in taste as drizzle caramel is used.
  • Right Twix is much sweet and cruncher as cascade caramel is used in it.
  • Left Twix and right Twix both are manufactured in 1979 in America.

Difference in taste:

Both left and right Twix recipe is same but different in taste, because in left Twix chocolate and caramel is on the opposite side of the bar while in right Twix these are on the same side. Left Twix is bit creamy but the right Twix is biscuit like in taste. However, 71% of the Grocers cannot find the difference between them.

Which one is better than other?

It’s your own choice, because both are very delicious and great in taste. Some people like crunchy flavor that is in left Twix and some are like creamy that is in right side. So its upon you which flavor do like?


Both right and left Twix are admirable chocolates having great taste. Some people tells that left Twix is sweet and crunchy while some tells right, but majority people tells that both left and right Twix is different in taste. It depends on you which one you like the most.

One of the things that makes Twix delicious is the fact that it’s a little bit different in each package. What do we mean? Well, each Twix package has two Twix bars, but even though the two bars look very similar, there are two subtle differences. One is the position of the chocolate on the ends of the bar. In the right Twix bar, the chocolate is on the bottom. In the left Twix bar, the chocolate is on the top. The other difference is the way the two bars are placed inside the package. In the right Twix bar, the bar on the right is slanted to the right. In the left Twix bar, the bar on the left is slanted to the left.


Is there actually left and right Twix?

ANS: Yes there is! This is how they label it. Left Twix is coated in chocolate that contains 10 % cocoa butter. Right Twix is coated in caramel that contains 10 % butter. Each bar is exactly the same on the inside, it’s just the outer coat that’s different. If you eat both sides of the Twix, you’ll get the same amount of chocolate no matter which side you start on.

Why do TWIX bars have the words LEFT and RIGHT on the ends? What do they mean?

ANS:  The reason why they have LEFT and RIGHT on the ends of the bars is because they are called TWIX bars. The word ‘TWIX’ itself is a play on words. TWIX is used to refer to both the cookie and the chocolate bar. The word TWIX applies because they are both ‘twin’ bars. It is referring to the fact that they have two wafers with two bars of chocolate in between.

How can you tell a left Twix from a right Twix once the wrapper had been removed?

ANS: It depends whether you’re holding the top or bottom of the Twix. If you’re holding the top and you know how to read the bottom of a regular Twix, it will be easy. If you’re holding bottom, it’s a little more difficult. You can also tell if you know how to read a regular Twix.

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