What tea has to do with men’s health-


Several studies have shown that tea may be good for men’s health. Stomach cancer is less likely to happen when you drink tea with more than one flavour. Caffeine and L-thiamine are two other parts of tea that help you remember things and stay awake. The polyphenol EGCG might also stop stomach cancer cells from growing. Try Fildena double 200 , Fildena 100 if you have trouble getting an erection.

Tea polyphenols may help keep stomach cancer from happening.
There are things in tea called polyphones that break down into epigallocatechins and epicatechins. Recent research has shown that polyphones help prevent stomach cancer and other types of cancer by lowering oxidative stress.

It can also protect DNA from damage. Researchers are looking into what role polyphones play in preventing cancer. Animal studies have shown that the polyphenols in green tea can stop esophageal cancer cells from growing. Human research, on the other hand, has not been as clear.

One study of over 26,000 adults found that people who drank tea had half as many cases of stomach inflammation and stomach cancer as people who didn’t drink tea. Other research, on the other hand, suggests that drinking tea may increase the chance of getting esophageal cancer.

There are many different tastes and types of polyphenols in tea. The most polyphenols are found in green tea.

EGCG has been studied the most. There is also caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and L-theanine, which is an amino acid molecule that has been studied for its ability to calm.

Caffeine makes you more alert. (Fildena 100 best ED pill)

It’s good for people’s health in many ways, but no one knows how this stimulant affects the male brain.

In previous studies, it was shown to make people much more alert 30 to 45 minutes after taking it. A new study, on the other hand, shows that the effects start as early as 10 minutes after drinking.

This is because it takes about 45 minutes for the most caffeine to get into the blood. After only a few minutes, the amount of caffeine in the blood is only half of what it could be. Fildena 100

Tea also has caffeine in it. Tea has caffeine in it, which can wake you up and help you stay awake during the day.

It is also thought to help people get to sleep. This effect might be caused by caffeine’s ability to block adenosine, a chemical that builds up pressure in the brain while you sleep.

L-thiamine helps you remember things – Fildena 100

It has been looked into to see if the l-thiamine in tea helps people remember things. In the study, 91 people with moderate cognitive impairment took part.

They were split into two groups. One group got 1,680 mg of thiamine every day for 16 weeks. The other group got a sugar pill instead. The amount used by the researchers was the same as what is in a cup of good green tea.

Animal tests showed that a combination of l-thiamine and green tea extract made the animals smarter. When these two chemicals work together, they have also been linked to better sleep and a lower risk of stroke.

But not all trials have shown these effects, and more research is needed to figure out the right dose and how it might help people’s health. Tea has been known for a long time to help people relax and feel less stressed. Vidalista is a possible choice. Fildena 100 most popular pill.

L-theanine stops the release of “stimulating” brain chemicals that are linked to stress and anxiety. The amino acid might help keep brain cells from getting older.

It also increases alpha brain waves, which are linked to calmness and concentration.

The amino acid may also help to lower stress, improve mood, help you focus, and make you more creative.

EGCG slows down how fast stomach cancer grows.

In tests done in the lab, the polyphenol EGCG was shown to stop stomach cancer cells from growing.

It stops cells from growing by changing how Wnt/b-catenin signals are sent. Also, by turning on killer caspases and changing proteins that control the cell cycle, it stops apoptosis and cell growth.

Also, it stops many oncogenic transcription factors and pluripotency maintainers from getting bigger. Lastly, polyphenols in food reduce the number and number of tumours in the liver, skin, and other organs. fildena 100

Animal studies and research on people have shown that catechins in tea can help fight cancer.

Recent cell line investigations have also identified many reasons for tea’s anticancer effects.

EGCG, the most important polyphenol in tea, stops cancer by changing how signals are sent and stopping cells from growing. It also stops blood vessels from growing.

Studies both in vitro and in vivo have shown that EGCG slows the growth of stomach cancer cells.

It stops tumour cells from releasing VEGF, which slows their growth in a dose-dependent way.

It also stops VEGF from causing endothelial cells to multiply, move, and form tubes.

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