What does ova mean in anime?

The word ova mean in anime refers to original video animation. The term can also refer to any anime released solely as an OVA, but this is not always the case. OVA episodes often contain anywhere from three to six minutes of footage and are typically released on VHS or DVD after being shown in theaters or TV broadcasts; however, there are some exceptions like Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack, which was initially released direct-to-video without first airing on TV or in theaters.

In addition, there have been several instances where the Japanese release was bundled with a manga anthology. In contrast, others have been created purely for international releases, such as Samurai 7 (2005), which only aired on Adult Swim before being made available on DVD outside of Japan.[1]

What Is an OVA Episode?

OVA episodes are usually released separately from the main series. They typically follow a similar story to what we see on television, but they’re generally longer and more detailed than typical episodes. OVA episodes are usually produced by the original creator of the series and released as a bonus to the primary season.

In most cases, you can’t watch an OVA without first seeing its original anime. However, if you haven’t seen any part of Spice & Wolf yet, you won’t be able to understand what’s happening in Spice & Wolf Holo Specials 1-3: OVA Edition!

OVA is an abbreviation for “original video animation.”

OVA is an abbreviation for “original video animation.” An OVA (or OAV) anime is an anime that was made directly for video release. This means it doesn’t air on any television stations. Instead, you can usually find them on home media (DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.).

An anime produced by an animation studio that isn’t based on a manga or light novel is called original anime. These are often very popular because they’re made in response to fan demand—fans will watch something if the creator knows what their target audience wants from the show!

OVA anime are anime that are made directly for video release.

OVA means in anime that is made directly for video release. Therefore, they tend to be short and contain only a few episodes, although exceptions exist. OVA (Original Video Animation) is an abbreviation that means Original Video Animation, but it can also refer to the number of episodes in the series (see below).

OAV stands for “Original Animated Video.” OAVs are sometimes called OVAs as well, but this is considered incorrect by some sources.

OVA stands for “Original Video Animation,” which was initially coined by Nippon Animation when they began creating original films instead of just adapting existing properties as they had done before then (like “Space Battleship Yamato”). Later on, other companies started using this term because it’s much easier than having abbreviations like “OV” or “OAV,” depending on what company you’re talking about!

There are a lot of types of OVA series that describe the length and frequency of the episodes.

OVA series have a variety of lengths that can range from very short to very long. For example, some OVA episodes are only 12 minutes long, but others may be several hours long.

OVA mean series are sometimes released as episodes that air over time, but they may also be released as one significant episode with multiple parts or even as a movie. For example, an OVA episode might be 12 minutes long, but if combined with another OVA episode, the release will be an hour long.

Likewise, a TV show might start with an original story and then continue after the end of its central storyline by following another character unrelated to the first cast of characters in any way except for sharing similarities in personality traits with them (and sometimes not even those).

OVA series can be short or long

Another thing to know about the OVA series is that they can be short or long. For example, some OVAs are only 3 minutes, while others are 30 minutes, one hour, or even longer. The creator usually determines the length of an OVA, but sometimes the production company will decide how long it should be.

OVAs can also be based on manga, light novels, or games – just like TV series! However, unlike TV series (which tend to follow a single plot), OVAs tend to focus on creating new worlds and stories for viewers to enjoy time and time again. So if you love watching anime but don’t have much time, this might be your best option!

It means series that are released on video rather than on TV

  • OVA stands for “Original Video Animation.”
  • Initially, it was used to refer to direct-to-video (DTV) anime series produced in Japan.
  • Nowadays, it can mean any animated video release that is not released on TV or even a movie. It might be episodic or non-episodic, depending on the creator’s intent and budget.
  • For example, an anime creator could want to create an OVA series but doesn’t have enough money or time to make an entire TV series or movie; therefore, they make several short episodes that are all connected by one plot line but otherwise don’t tell individual stories like a typical TV episode does. These episodes would be considered part of a single story arc within your OVA series!


There you have it, the meaning of ova mean in anime. If you want to know more about a particular anime, check out our other articles!


OVA stands for original video animation, meaning that an anime is not based on a manga series, light novel, or game but has been created solely for television purposes. While most anime series produced today are OVAs – there are exceptions such as Dragon Ball Z (which ran for 291 episodes) and Inuyasha (a total of 167 episodes). A single episode of an OVA can also be known as an ‘episode zero.’

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