What dinosaur has 500 teeth?

What dinosaur has 500 teeth?

You must have heard about a lot of things that have happened in the past and must have wondered about them too. There are a lot of things that we think are a must to know and some that we do not bother about.

There have been so many things in the past history that has now faded away but there are still some curious people who are digging back into it and want to know more about it.

We are not specifying it into any one thing right now because you must know yourself that a lot of things are still a mystery and some of them have some studies mentioned here and there for people to know and understand.

Some people want to search for the jewels in the past and the other ones want to search for things that are related to past animals like dinosaurs.

Yes, you heard that right. A lot of people are curious about dinosaurs and what they did and how they acted and these people keep searching for things related to them.

Some of them after knowing what they were curious about leaving it and others want to know every single detail of them.

Well, if you have still not guessed it by now, we are going to talk about the dinosaurs in this article and we are going to end your curiosity about a lot of things.

Firstly we will see how many dinosaur types are there and what are the differences in them then we will know about the specific one that everybody is looking out for these days.

Which dinosaur has 500 teeth?

For the past few months, this is the question that you might be reading everywhere and even people have made jokes about it too.

But if you are actually curious to know about it then we are here to solve your problem and answer your question.


The question to this answer is very simple. The dinosaur that comes with 500 teeth is the Nigersaurus. This is the dinosaur that is about 110 million years old and the location. Where this dinosaur was found in Niger. Probably that is why it is called the Nigersaurus.

This is the dinosaur who had a 30 foot long feet and also was known to be a herbivore. Because it ate the plant. This is the dinosaur that lived in a really nice environment with other predatory dinosaurs.

This was the dinosaur that was known to have a very soft skull. And also had a very wide mouth with teeth. These teeth were specified so that it can easily browse all the small plants on the ground.

This is the dinosaur that is mostly known for its really long neck. And very broad and straight muzzled tip teeth that are almost 500 in number and are also replaceable.

This is some of the detail of the dinosaur that had 500 teeth. And people are actually searching a lot to know more and more about it every day.

This dinosaur was basically the type of sauropod dinosaur that lived about 115 million years ago. The kingdom of this dinosaur is Animalia of course.

As we mentioned above the name Nigersaurus was given to this dinosaur. Because the fossils of this type of dinosaur were found in Niger by scientists.

One of the most fun things to know about this type of dinosaur is that the part of the brain that detects smell was underdeveloped in this animal.

When it comes to the diet or what this dinosaur ate then it was a herbivore so it ate different plants like the horsetails, ferns, etc.

These were the things that everyone wants to know about the Nigersaurus that we have given to you completely.

Different types of dinosaurs:

We will get into the question later on in this article but first, we will discuss all the different types of dinosaurs for you to know.


The first type of dinosaur that we are going to talk about is the theropod which is among the first few types of dinosaur.

This type of dinosaur was known to be out of the carnivores, which means that these dinosaurs used to eat meat. These were the dinosaurs that had very strong legs and they were known to have feet just like the birds.

This is because the feet of these dinosaurs were claw-like. These types of dinosaurs were also known because of the fact that they had very small or short arms. T-rex comes under this category of dinosaurs.


The next type of dinosaur that we are going to discuss is the stegosaur. This type of dinosaur just like the stegosaurus was identified by its bony spikes and plates.

This is not just one thing that they were known about but the other thing that was famous about them is that they got around really slowly and steadily.

There are a lot of different types of dinosaurs that come under this category for example the kentrosaurus etc.


The third type or the category of dinosaur that we are going to talk about is the Sauropods that were known to have really small heads. This is not it because there is a lot that you need to know about them.

These were the type that even with small heads were known to have a really large neck and with that, they also head very long tails.

These are the type of dinosaurs that used to walk on all four of their feet. One specific or different thing about these dinosaurs was that they were herbivores and they ate herbs rather than eating meat.

Some of the dinosaurs that come under the sauropods are the jobaria, giraffatitan, etc. You can learn more about them if you want to.


Cerapod is the next type of dinosaur that we are going to mention here. These were the type of dinosaurs who had legs and with that they also had horns. One really different thing about this type was that they used to live in herds rather than alone.

Some of these dinosaurs also had a bony frill all around their small faces. Some of them also had peaks just like the parrots.

Now, these dinosaurs were not just all the same but they came in different sizes. Some of them were small and some of them were large.

Some of the examples of these dinosaurs were triceratops and styracosaurus.


The next category in this dinosaur collection is the ankylosaur. These were the dinosaurs whose size ranged from small to medium.

These were known to be one of the most different types of dinosaurs because the body of these dinosaurs was covered in bony slabs or bony plates. They were also very flexible.

Some types of this category dinosaur are minmi, Nodosaurus, and also polacanthus. These can also be searched more if you want to know more about them.


One of the most difficult to pronounce types of dinosaurs is this one called the pachycephalosaur. These were the dinosaurs that were known to have really thick skulls.

With that, they were also known for walking really slowly on their legs that were on the back. This category of dinosaurs also used to live in herds and not separately.

Some examples of this category are stegoceras, prenocephale, etc.


Ornithopod is the next type of dinosaur category that we are going to mention here. This type of dinosaur used to run or walk on their posterior legs and was definitely known for this too.

This is the only type of dinosaur that came in all different sizes from small to medium to large-sized. Some of the examples of this type of dinosaur are iguanodon and corythosaurus.

These were some of the seven different types of dinosaurs that you might have wanted to know or learn about and we know that it must have intrigued you to know more about them.

Now, coming to the question that almost everyone is asking these days for one or two reasons, we would like to get on to that too.

But before that, if you want to know more about these dinosaurs. And are actually really curious then read till the end because there are some fun facts about dinosaurs too.

But first, we will talk about the question that is being asked frequently.

Fun facts:

Now, that we know almost all the details of the dinosaurs. And all the types of dinosaurs, we will get to know about some of the fun facts. That come with knowing these dinosaurs. We are also mentioning them here for you to know and enjoy some more detail about them.

One of the most fun or you can also say weird facts about the dinosaurs is that there are a lot of scientists that still believe a lot of dinosaur types are still unknown or undiscovered.

The other fun fact about the dinosaurs is that before they were introduced or discovered there were some other reptiles like the therapsids etc.

Now, one thing that might make you go in awe about the dinosaurs or something that you might not believe is that the remains of these dinosaurs were not only found on one or two continents but all the present continents that also include Antarctica.

The next fun fact about the dinosaurs is that the largest egg size that was found in them was about 19 inches long. And the smallest egg size of the dinosaurs was about 0.7 inches. Which were smaller than even the diameter of the penny.

The first dinosaur that was named officially is the Megalosaurus. And the remains of the dinosaurs were first discovered in North America.

Now, if you did not already know then you need to know that out of all that we have mentioned there were still about 700 species that were known and that were also extinct.

With that being said someone who studies all the details about the dinosaurs is called a paleontologist. The largest dinosaur type is the herbivore. Which means they did not like to eat meat rather they preferred eating plants.

We know that the dinosaurs have been extinct for a very long time now. But the exact time of these animals going extinct is about 60 million years.

The word dinosaur came from the Greek word called the terrible lizard. And it was back then found out by one of the paleontologists called Richard Owen. Also, as a fun fact, you should know that dinosaurs have lived for about one hundred and sixty million years on the planet Earth.

One of the types of dinosaurs called the stegosaurus is known to have a really small brain as compared to the size of their body. The size of the brain of this type is about the size of the dogs’ brain.

The next fun fact that we personally enjoyed the most is that one of the types of dinosaurs called the pterodactyls were not really dinosaurs but because they lived at the same time as dinosaurs they were known to be amongst them.

Also, if you did not know that all the modern-day birds. That you might have found in the backyard of your house, are the descendants of the dinosaurs.

The second last fun fact about these animals is that the smallest dinosaur skeleton that was found was the mussaurus. This type is also known as the mouse lizard. And it was so small that you could easily fit it in the bag.

The last fact about these dinosaurs is that almost all the dinosaurs that walked on two feet usually ate meat.

These were some of the really fun things that you needed to know about the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were the animals that even after getting extinct are learned the most about.

People to date are very curious to know about the types of dinosaurs. And especially some of the kids really want to learn about the dinosaurs.

If your kid is also one of those kids that are curious about the dinosaurs then you can play different games with them and can also make quizzes for them to play.

This will be a fun activity for them and for you as well. That is all that we could tell you about the dinosaurs. And we are sure you will now have to run here and there to know more about these dinosaurs.

This article sums up all the frequently asked questions related to the dinosaurs. And you can send it to anybody who wants to read, learn, or know these things about the dinosaurs. We are hopeful that this article must have helped you a lot.

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