unexplored tourist places of rajasthan

5 Unexplored Tourist Places of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its cultural legacy and natural beauty, which attract visitors from all across India. Here, among Rajasthan’s whimsical locations, you will enjoy the finest holiday of your life. On a trip with family, friends, or a significant other, you could not ask for a better combination of beauty, action, and history. The tourist places of Rajasthan provide insight into Rajputana’s history, heritage, and tradition. Yet several unexplored destinations are worth visiting since they have a vibrant allure and significance.

So are you willing to explore the best of Rajasthan? Then add these less explored destinations to your Rajasthan tour packages and experience Rajasthan to the maximum. With LIH Travel, expect luxurious stays in luxurious accommodations and guided tours to explore the best secrets of Rajasthan.

Five Tourist Places Of Rajasthan That Remain Unexplored

1. Barmer

Barmer exemplifies the actual cultural splendor of Rajasthan with its brilliant hues, rich tradition, and kind hospitality. As a component of the Thar desert, it has boundaries with Pakistan to the west, Jaisalmer to the north, and Jalore to the south. Further, the ancient town of the 13th century is immersed in its extravagant culture, which is evident in its vivid dwellings adorned with folk themes and its vibrantly attired people. Barmer is also the site of the regal Barmer Fort and other old temples. So, this is among the best places of tourism in Rajasthan.

Participating in the Barmer festival in March makes a trip to Barmer more fun than before. Its cultural richness is enhanced by the camels marching over the arid landscape and the artisans demonstrating their various skills, such as pottery, embroidery, woodcarving, dancing, and music. Despite the harsh climate and desolate landscape, the area’s artisans, culture, and color have drawn people from all over the world!

2. Karauli

Karauli is among the following unexplored tourist places of Rajasthan. So the small city of Karauli, which has lately attracted the attention of travelers, is abundant with exquisitely adorned Havelis, tranquil sanctuaries, scenic vistas, and engraved chhatris. Further, this city exudes Mughal architectural elegance and is famed for its light red sandstone walls that enclose the whole city. Apart from its regal past, Karauli provides its tourists with a rural, serene atmosphere and cordial, old-fashioned Rajasthani hospitality. Further, the town’s environs provide a wealth of historical sites and other attractions.

You’ll also find numerous beautiful places to unwind and enjoy your trip with family, friends, or a significant other. So Karauli, among the best visiting places of Rajasthan.

3. Deogarh

Deogarh, among the most magnificent off-the-beaten-path tourist places of Rajasthan, is renowned for the Deogarh Mahal, whose history you may see and appreciate. Further, you may also have a luxurious stay, use the facilities, and have a wonderful time. Bhil communities surround Deogarh with a distinctive lifestyle and festival celebrations. As Deogarh is positioned at a higher altitude, the climate here is pleasant for most of the year. Miniature paintings are the most prominent and intriguing part of Deogarh. These tiny artworks are distinctive to this location and draw in thousands of visitors.

4. Jhalawar

Jhalawar, formerly known as Brijnagar, is notable for its abundant vegetation and animals. In contrast to other towns in Rajasthan, Jhalawar boasts a rocky, water-rich, verdant terrain. Numerous forts and mansions from the Rajput and Mughal eras comprise this region’s diverse cultural history. Moreover, it is notable exclusively for its abundance of temples and religious attractions. So it is among the must-visit tourist places of Rajasthan.

Moreover, when here, don’t miss to visit the famous Jhalawar Fort. The Jhalawar fort, or Garh Palace, is a magnificent structure in the city’s heart. It was constructed by Maharaj Rana Madan Singh, whose successors decorated the rooms with exquisite paintings.

Further, the next destination when here is the Gagron Fort. So Gagron Fort is an outstanding demonstration of a hill and water fort. It is among Rajasthan’s six hill forts included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Further, on three sides, the peaceful waters of the Ahu, Kali, and Sindh rivers surround the fort making it a sight to glimpse. Hence, this must be among the tourist places of Rajasthan.

5. Ranakpur

This beautiful location in the Aravalli Ranges is among the magnificent offbeat places in Rajasthan. Further, it is a crucial destination for Jain pilgrimage, and people from all across the country visit here with devotion and worship in their souls. Ranakpur is drenched in culture and awe-inspiring sights of verdant landscapes. Moreover, this location is one of the ideal escapes, offering a spellbinding holiday that will rest and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.


Everyone visits the most prominent tourist places of Rajasthan. Yet, for the ultimate experience, these unexplored destinations must be a part of your itinerary. So, book your holiday with LIH Travel and enjoy your Rajasthan trip.

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