Top Horror Games to Play for Your Live Streaming Channel

Top Horror Games to Play for Your Live Streaming Channel Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned video game streamer, you’ll always need new ideas to engage your audience. In that case, nothing beats the thrill of horror video games. Not only are these games fun to play and watch, but they will get hilarious reactions out of you that can be invaluable to your streaming channel. Your audience must have a laugh or two, which is an excellent sign of engagement.

Anyone who watches the video game Live Streaming would say that it’s pretty fun to watch their favorite streamer get scared in front of the camera while playing the game. If horror is a genre you love, you should definitely consider taking your audience on a joy ride.

No idea what games to play for your channel? Here are some suggestions that may come in handy –

Silent Hill 2:

Top Horror Games to Play for Your Live Streaming Channel As a classic horror franchise, many gamers would have grown up with Silent Hill. While other games would take an action-oriented approach to Play Games, Silent Hill captured the essence of a psychological thriller for gamers.

Instead of fighting monsters to move forward, you’ll be focus on the current state of mind of the protagonists as you deal with the many lingering events.

Thanks to its innovative approach, critics and fans have many positive things to say about this horror game. You can play this game on PC, Xbox or PlayStation.

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Ride out:

If you want a game that pushes you beyond your limits, Outlast is a must try. In this game, you become an investigative journalist who breaks into Mount Massive Asylum to uncover the mystery of how it is closed.

Terrifying events unfold before you and you must escape before your pursuers get hold of you. Outlast is considered to be one of the scariest games ever made and you can easily stream it just on your channel to entertain your audience.

Playing this game alone can be really scary, so we advise you not to play it in the dark.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil is another well-known horror series that takes place in the Baker family mansion, where you must uncover dark secrets to escape alive. With the original game having a more arcade feel, this one offers a pure survival experience where supplies and ammo are scarce and you have to stay on edge at all times.

Attention is also paid to the psychological state of the protagonist, which can affect other characters and their reactions in the game. Resident Evil 7 is an incredible game with lots of jump scares and you can play it on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

Layers of Fear:

Created by the Bloober team, Layers of Fear is a unique game that must push your limits while playing. It’s a first-person adventure where you must uncover the secret of your character’s madness while escaping a dark house full of traps and obstacles at every turn.

The game mechanics seem to be really interesting, so much so that the game will definitely draw you into its mysterious story.

As you progress through the game, you’ll keep going down the rabbit hole where you’ll be exposed to new scares that appear out of nowhere and are truly terrifying. If you want to test the limits of your viewers, you can stream this video game on Xbox One, PlayStation and PC.

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Top Horror Games to Play for Your Live Streaming Channel Kinetic Games recently introduced Plasmophobia, which is one of the best horror games out there.

The name comes from the word “phantom”, which suggests something that is unreal. It describes this game accurately because Plasmophobia takes you into a world where you will fight hallucinations and fears.

The protagonist is a young woman who finds herself in the middle of an infestation that has turned the city into complete chaos. Your job is to find medicine to stay alive while avoiding creatures and dealing with hallucinations.

The game is pretty fun to play alone, but you’ll love it a lot more when you stream it with other horror enthusiasts.

Several aspects of the game, including ghost hunting and audio cues, will leave you shivering so much that you can’t look away. You can play this game on your PC.

Alien isolation

If you like watching alien movies, you would love to play this game. It offers first-person survival where you become Ripley’s daughter and go on an adventure to find her mother.

Your ship in space will be under attack by scary aliens and these monsters are unpredictable so they are very close to death. You can try this game on PlayStation, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.


Delivered: 2018
Stages: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Designer: SadSquare Studio
Look is an independent, first-individual mental repulsiveness game that is, basically, not for the cowardly.

Created and delivered by Sadsquare Studios in 2020, players assume the job of Dwayne Anderson, as he investigates a peculiarly organized house with a ton of dull past to unload. The actual game will presumably help you to remember the illusive Quiet Slopes demo, P.T., which is considerably to a greater extent motivation to look at it.
As you banter which ways to open and corners to turn, Look won’t offer your heart a reprieve. It isn’t a great fit for everybody, as it oft depends on bounce panics past some other component of ghastliness, yet frightfulness lovers and P.T. fans will probably regard themselves as dazzle… and froze.

Until Dawn

Top Horror Games to Play for Your Live Streaming Channel Until Sunrise is the profound ancestor to The Dull Pictures Collection (which highlights other astounding ghastliness titles like Little Expectation, Man of Medan, and Place of Cinders). Every one of these games, including Until First light, follows major areas of strength for a where you should go with choices that influence the result of the story and the characters you meet.

While the rounds of the Compilation expand on the recipe of Until Day break, it’s the 2015 repulsiveness game that where everything started. Until First light appears as a high schooler slasher, a recipe all of us are accustome to finding in any semblance of religion exemplary blood and gore flicks Friday the thirteenth and Halloween, and transforms it into an intelligent, story-based game where you attempt to guard inquisitive teens from anything that animal is hiding in the encompassing mountains.

The story is natural, yet it exemplifies the exemplary slasher experience and makes you the chief, as you attempt to keep alive whatever number characters as would be prudent.

This title was as of late in receipt of an otherworldly replacement as well. While I think Until Sunrise is the better game, I make sense of significantly more in my survey concerning why The Quarry is as yet a flat out ball in any case.

Wrap up:

Top Horror Games to Play for Your Live Streaming Channel One of the great things about horror games is that they aren’t just fun and engaging; you will also find plenty of options in the market. Before you start streaming games, we suggest you pick a few of these games and try them out. You should stream a game that you and your audience will enjoy. Don’t rush into anything, but take your time and choose a game that will suit you.

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