Michael Jordan is a legend in basketball

1. Technically, he was never dismissed from his high school basketball team.

Although the truth has been somewhat stretched, like a teenage Jordan dangling from his chin-up bar to grow taller, the tale of Jordan being cut from his high school basketball team has long been a part of his narrative. Jordan tried out for the Laney High School (N.C.) varsity team as a sophomore but ended up on the junior varsity, so he was never actually “cut” from the team.

 And a significant factor in that was Laney’s desperate need for taller players, which led them to choose his 6’7″ friend Leroy Smith over Jordan’s 5’10” height. Jordan did use this perceived slight as inspiration to work. His determination to get better paid off when a growth spurt caused him to reach 6’3″ as a junior. Other than this trending topic, Michael Jordan is also a top trend on social media these days.

2. His collaboration with Nike rarely took place

Jordan’s long-standing professional partnership with Nike almost didn’t happen. After joining the NBA, he initially desired to wear Adidas, but he also vigorously pursued endorsing a much more modest company called Spot-Bilt. But Nike applied full-court pressure to sign the Chicago Bulls rookie, offering him a deal that was outrageous at the time—$500,000 per year for five years—and the chance to customize a pair of shoes.

Jordan tried Adidas again because he still wanted to stick with his original decision. The business could not match the ransom demanded by Nike. In May 1985, Nike introduced the Air Jordans, and by the end of the year, the line had made more than $100 million in sales. It was the beginning of a partnership made in marketing heaven.

3. He received a cultural geography degree from college.

Jordan graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in cultural geography in 1986. But he left a year early to pursue a professional career. So what does one do in that field? Many years later, he clarified this during a Q&A session at his basketball camp: “Cultural geography is an introduction to meteorology.

” This means that Jordan’s backup plan was to become a weatherman if his preferred career choice of dunking over seven-footers didn’t work out. Doesn’t it give the name “Air Jordan” an entirely new meaning?

4. He enjoys golf a lot.

Jordan’s love for golf took hold in the summer of 1984 when he visited his first course with future golf pro-Davis Love III and a group of friends. He aced one of the holes that day, which gave this incredibly self-assured athlete hope that he could ace all 18 holes with a little more practice. In his pursuit of perfection, he squeezed as many games as possible into his free time.

 Even turning down the president of the United States of America’s invitation to the White House in 1991. The rest of the NBA champion Chicago Bulls. From 2001 to 2014, he continued to host the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Pro-Am Golf Tournament in Las Vegas.

5. Jordan’s father served as an inspiration for his decision to switch to baseball

Jordan’s unexpected decision to switch from basketball to baseball in 1993 had its roots a few years earlier. Because Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders had some success as dual-sport athletes. And James had always loved baseball, he suggested that his son try it too.

Jordan wanted to carry out his father’s wishes. So when James was kill in a carjacking incident in July 1993, he picked up a glove. Some were impress by how well he adapted to a sport he hadn’t played since high school. Even though he infamously struggled in his one season of minor league baseball.

6. His collaboration with Nike has earned more than $1 billion.

Jordan won six championships, five MVP awards, and ten scoring titles in professional basketball. But only two of his 15 NBA seasons saw him earn more than the league’s highest-paid player. Fortunately, thanks to an endorsement deal with companies like Coca-Cola, Gatorade, and Hanes.  He didn’t have to dig through the cushions for change.

 The most lucrative of his business partnerships was the one mention earlier with Nike.  In 2020, it revealed that Jordan had earned more than $1 billion from the company. After purchasing a majority stake in the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets) in 2010, he also benefited from the franchises’ appreciation.

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