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How To Remove Or Replace a Toilet Seat

In no time, you can remove and replace an old or broken toilet seat. Below are the steps.

How To Replace a Toilet Seat

Here are step-by-step instructions to make it easy to replace a toilet bowl that is broken.

Materials and Tools:

  • new toilet seat
  • Large screwdriver
  • Or basin wrench or tongue-and-groove pliers
  • Small hacksaw (for an older toilet seat)
  • Putty knife (for an older toilet seat)
  • For an old toilet seat, a socket wrench

1. Open the Bolt Housing

Two plastic bolts and nuts attach many new toilet seats to the bowl. The bolts are concealed under the plastic housing which on the seat’s top. To expose the bolt, use your fingers or a screwdriver.

2. Take Out the Bolts

Hold the nut and unscrew the bolt to remove the seat. Each one at a while. You should ensure that your screwdriver is big enough to fit in the bolt groove. A small screwdriver won’t grab the bolt groove and will cause damage to the bolt. A few toilet seat attachments include a wingnut that holds the bolt in place. It is possible to reach under the seat to hold the wingnut and unscrew the bolt. You can hold the nut using a wrench or pliers if there isn’t a wingnut. While you remove the bolt, the nut can hold in the place of pair of tongue-and-groove or crescent wrenches.

3. For Tight Spaces, Use a Basin Wrench

A basin wrench (the tool on the right) is useful if you need to access tight spaces. Basin wrenches are plumbing tools that can use to move or hold nuts in tight spaces. The basin wrench is use for hold the nut in its place while someone or something else removes the plastic bolt.

4. Take Out the Toilet Seat

The toilet seats are easy to lift once each bolt has been removed.

5. Remove Older Toilet Seats

Metal hardware and screws are use to hold older toilet seats in place. The hinge hardware for the toilet seat hinges includes metal bolts. Simply remove the bolt and nut. It is more difficult to remove corroded nuts and bolts. Use a socket wrench and a long socket to remove the nut from your bowl hinge bolt. You may have to remove the bolt if the nut won’t move. Protect the porcelain toilet bowl by placing a putty blade against the bolt and underneath the area you are cutting. Use a small hacksaw to slowly remove each bolt from the top of your toilet. You should replace your old toilet with a pressure assist toilet. it is the best option.

6. Attach the New Seat

Place the new seat in its correct place. Then, place the screw in the hole and the washer or bolt underneath. Secure the bolt and screw with a screwdriver or power driver. You can repeat the same steps for the other side. The housing lids should close. Now, the new toilet seat is completely installed. now you get rid of your every problem.

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