How to Not Get Scammed by Distance Movers

How to Not Get Scammed by Distance Movers

Before you let a distance moving company move your property, you need to check their credentials. Do not pay a floor fee or sign a contract until you receive a written estimate. Verbal estimates should also be avoided. The mover’s truck may not arrive at your new home or may take longer than expected.

Verify credentials of distance movers Houston

Before hiring a distance mover, it is important to verify their credentials. Licensed long-distance movers should have a Department of Transportation number, which serves as their license and is posted on their website and advertising. Additionally, they should be certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. To ensure that the moving company is legitimate, you can look up its DOT number online and read reviews.

The US DOT website contains information on legitimate moving companies. By using this database, you can verify the names and phone numbers of the moving company. You can also view their license status and whether or not they are insured. In addition, you can find out if they’ve had accidents or were inspected.

Make sure that the moving company you hire is licensed and insured. Moreover, make sure that the company has a real address. If the moving company has no physical address, it’s a sign of a scam. Always verify the credentials of distance movers before hiring them. These companies should be insured, licensed, and registered with the USDOT.

Do not sign a contract until you have a signed quote

Before you hire distance movers Houston , make sure you have read and understood the contract. You must sign it only if you agree with the terms and conditions, or you could end up a victim of a moving scam. Read the fine print and don’t sign the contract until you are completely sure that everything has been agreed to in writing.

Licensed interstate movers Houston are required to adhere to industry regulations and standards of practice. Any violation of these standards may be an indication of a rogue mover. Also, federal law requires that moving companies provide you with a rights and responsibilities packet, which includes a 25-page brochure with information about consumer rights and fair practices. A mover must also offer you a valuation, which is vital if you plan to make a claim for damages during your move.

A bill of lading, also known as BOL, is an official contract between the mover and their client. This document should detail everything that needs to be moved, and the pick-up and delivery addresses. You should keep this document somewhere safe for future reference.

Avoid verbal estimates

Before you sign a contract with a distance moving company, be sure to request written estimates. Verbal estimates are generally nonbinding and carry very little weight. Verbal quotes are also not very useful if you want to dispute the final price later. Additionally, moving companies may not remember your verbal estimate and they may not know what other companies have quoted you.

When it comes to moving, it is important to know the weight of your items. A verbal estimate does not reflect the actual weight of your furniture. In addition, a bad mover may try to increase the weight of your move by forging a weight ticket or picking up another move before you weigh your move. Even worse, they almost always want to get paid before unloading your belongings. If you want to avoid this scenario, always ask for a binding estimate, which is an estimate with a fixed price regardless of final weight.

Flat Rate Estimate.

If you want to get a good deal on your move, always ask for a binding flat rate estimate. This way, you know exactly what to expect from the moving company before the move. This way, there are no surprises later on, whether you have to pay more or less than expected. Also, a binding flat rate estimate means you don’t have to pay extra in case of bad weather or additional labor.

If you receive an estimate that is too low, don’t sign it without seeing the movers Houston ‘ paperwork. Some companies will ask you for more information or ask you to fill out additional paperwork before completing the move, which can be a scam. Always ask for written estimates before signing any contract with a distance moving company.

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