How to Choose the Right Boning Knife Block Set?

The name of the kitchen boning knife block set speaks for itself: it is designed for “boning” to separate the meat from the bones, skin, and veins. This tool is highly specialized, but don’t underestimate its functionality. Of course, you can cut a piece of meat with a utility knife, but the result probably won’t be right. To cut the tenderloin off the bone to lose the least amount of meat, you can just use a professional boning knife block set. It is suitable for working with:

  • beef.
  • lamb.
  • fish.
  • rabbit meat.
  • horsemeat.
  • bird.
  • pork and other types of meat.

Should I buy such a device for home use? If you don’t consider yourself a vegetarian and work with raw meat at least occasionally, a boning knife block set will come in handy.

Specific features

A long narrow blade 13-20 cm long, with an unusual bolster (limiter) at the base and a compact comfortable handle – this is what a boning knife block set looks like. The special shape of the blade, moderately flexible, but a strong blade with high stiffness – these design features provide excellent results when processing poultry carcasses or cuts of meat. We list the specific features of such knives:

  • straight blade with raised tip;
  • Narrow leaves 1-2 cm wide;
  • High blade hardness – 55-58 HRC;
  • two-way sharpening;
  • Straight and thin tip;
  • Durable and wear-resistant handle;
  • a lip at the base of the blade to prevent hand slippage;
  • High-quality stainless steel.

These design features provide flawless functionality: a sharp point and straight blade are required for free penetration of tissue. A moderately flexible, very sharp blade moves freely through meat, penetrates easily between bone and meat, and avoids cartilage. Prominent reinforcement at the base of the blade protects the hand from cuts during the cutting motion. It also has another function – to provide necessary hygiene during work. The handle should be firm with a comfortable grip and should not slip even on a wet or oily palm. Such a tool is useful, practical, and safe.

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Non-professional cooks often confuse boning and sirloin knives. Their purpose is indeed the same but there is a fundamental difference between them. A boning knife block set is not suitable for cutting meat, but more effectively separates the fillet from the bone, perfect for basic processing. A fillet is usually long, with a flexible blade, designed for more delicate work – cutting meat and other manipulations already during cooking.

Professional Chefs

who work with different types of meat every day have knives of various modifications in their arsenal: long and medium, with narrow and wide blades, for cutting meat carcasses and small pieces, veins, or small bones. To remove. For household use, it is sufficient to have at least one highly skilled knife with a blade of medium length – 13-15 cm.

How to use

Many chefs use this knife not only for deboning but also for cutting sausages, vegetables, cheese, and bread. A long, sharp blade works well for these tasks. But its main function is to separate small pieces of meat from the bone, keeping the blade “close” to the solid elements.

Experts recommend the following guidelines for working with a boning knife block set :

  • In the preparation stage, the boneless fillet is separated from the carcass or its cut. These pieces are used together for main dishes – baking and grilling.
  • Small pieces of pulp are cut from the bones. By using a boning knife block set, it will be possible to optimize the process: “bypass” the bones in the most efficient way with minimal loss of meat. The resulting pieces can be used to prepare goulash, minced meat, and sauces.
  • A boning knife block set can be used for trimming and removing veins without cutting large pieces into smaller pieces.

When working with a boning knife block set, place your index finger on top of the handle and your thumb on the bottom. The rest of the fingers cover the body securely.

Selection Tips

The high-quality tool is made of high-carbon steel, has a very sharp blade with high hardness, and has an ergonomic handle made of wear-resistant material. This kitchen utensil, more than many others, comes into contact with aggressive media: hot water, animal blood, and often hard bones. To serve for a long time without losing sharpness or cut quality, the best boning knife block set  meets the following criteria:

Sharp and hard blade. 

The best choices are AUS-8 or AUS-10 medium carbon steel, high carbon Mo-V steel with chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium additives, or V-Gold 10 (VG-10). These blades stay sharp longer, do not require frequent sharpening. And the blade is moderately flexible and resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Solid and comfortable handle. 

If it is wood, it is only treat with a special resin to protect it from moisture. A more advanced material for making handles is G-10 fiberglass, which is highly resistant to damage, high temperatures, and aggressive chemical compounds.

Minimum acceleration angle. 

The lower this indicator is, the sharper the blade will be, and the longer it will stay sharp. The angle of the Japanese knife is 15-20 degrees, and the European knife – is 30-40.

The  Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set meets these needs perfectly. You can buy a professional tool of this brand in our online store. We sell knives direct from the manufacturer. Products arrive in a warehouse in Washington and are sold with delivery throughout America with the best prices and quality guaranteed. Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set are rightly popular among professional chefs and lovers of quality cookware.

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