How Does the Pop-by Gift Serve as an Effective Tool for Marketing?

Each property agent must use various lead generation techniques to expand the business. While social media engagement and email campaigns are excellent places to start, keeping a personal relationship with previous customers can also be an effective referral-generating strategy.

This article focuses on employing pop-bys as a marketing technique. Learn more about pop-by gift ideas for real estate and how they may assist you in landing more customers.

Meaning of Pop- By

Pop-by gift ideas for real estate are a type of marketing in the housing market. They are designed expressly to be a way of getting in touch with previous customers, as well as a way of getting recommendations and growing the company.

Pop-bys entail presenting the customer with a small gift that typically has a fun marketing message. The phrase “pop-by” at the client’s house to deliver the gift gave rise to the name, which also provided an opportunity to get back, rekindle a relationship, and request a referral.

What Is the Use of Pop-by Gifts?

These little presents serve two different purposes as marketing tools. First, they allow you to ensure that you continue to be at the top of your buyers’ thinking, on the one hand. On the other hand, the presents will help them recognize you and your company each time they receive one, increasing the likelihood that they will utilize your services in the future when they decide to sell their house.

On the other hand, the concept of proportionality operates on a subliminal level. According to the principle, following up one positive deed with another is socially acceptable.

Some Tips and Tricks for Your Pop-by Gifts

Select a Mass Produced Gift

Making a present selection for a pop-by is the first step in producing a successful pop-by. This should ideally be a product that can be made or purchased in large quantities at a reasonable price.

Examples of common gifts include:

  • Gardening Seeds
  • Jar of jam
  • Grilling Tools
  • Peanuts
  • Candles
  • Soap Dispensers

Use Enticing Phrases

After choosing the ideal present, the following step is to think of a memorable phrase to accompany it. The important thing is that your slogan should apply to both the product and real estate.

Include Your Branding Details

Your logo and contact information are the next part of your pop-by present. You should mention your name to let your customer know who is giving them the gift. However, you must also include your contact information, including your webpage, email account, and contact information, so that your customer may get in contact with you should they have an estate query.

Ensure the Gift Should Be Easily Attached to the Door

Finally, you might want to check to see if there is a way to fasten the present to the main door. You will have to keep your clients’ pop-by if they aren’t at home when you deliver it. It could fall and cause someone to trip over it if you leave it resting at the front door, which would be bad for business. Including a ribbon loop that has been knotted to the present is one method of avoiding this scenario.


Giving pop-by gifts to former estate buyers is an enjoyable and successful approach to staying in their minds. When you “drop by” the homes of former clients, you give them these little, mostly modest real estate client presents and frequently a message of gratitude. Even tiny presents delivered to clients’ homes or offices might express your gratitude for their patronage more effectively than just an email or a simple personal letter.

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