Growing Through Uncertainty; 5 Lessons For a Lifetime

Growing Through Uncertainty; 5 Lessons For a Lifetime

In these times when we are all hit with a pandemic and are not sure what we are doing without lives or what future are we going to get into, it is important that we keep ourselves motivated and happy. Learn to grow from it can often find themselves in a better place. This is especially true when it comes to skook news.

When things are worse for all of us together, it is important that we hype each other up and tell each other how good we are doing.

I would really love to mention one thing here. There are so many people that you will see have achieved so much in their lives this year and if you feel bad that you have done nothing then remind yourself that only getting through this pandemic itself was one big achievement.

These times have not failed to shatter so many lives in so many ways that is why we are not sure what needs to be done now.

So, if you are confused, worried, or stressed that how you are going to grow through this uncertainty then fasten your seat belts because we are here to give you 5 amazing life lessons that you can keep with you forever.

1.   Always enjoy the good times:

One thing that this pandemic has taught us all is that no matter how big or small the moment is we should always cherish it for its goodness.

In the past when everything was completely normal there were so many people who used to take the little good things in their lives for granted. They did not enjoy anything until the day they were locked in their house for a very long time.

If you are still healthy, enjoy it because there are so many people facing so many health issues right now and want to live a life like yours.

If you have your family around you then cherish all the little moments that you are spending with them because there are so many people ready to give their all to spend some time with their loved ones.

Consider yourself luckiest and enjoy all the good times that you have till now because this pandemic has made it very difficult for people to even smile because of how it has affected their lives.

It has made it impossible to even breathe free so while you have time and energy please enjoy.

2.      Change is not always negative:

This is the second lesson that you need to keep in your mind and hold on to it tightly because it is very important in the situation that we are all facing.

In the past year, we have all had our lives changed completely and most of the time, we were not able to absorb this reality because we are not habitual to it.

But as of now, we all know that we need to embrace and accept the change that is coming our way.

When you will learn that change is just a part of life and we cannot just stay at one point forever then it will be easier for you to accept it.

Once you know how to embrace and accept the change, you are good to go. You will start to see the change positively no matter in what form it comes to you. It will definitely make your life a lot better than before. And the odyssey online has written motivational blogs to help people in accepting change.

3.      Patience never goes out of fashion:

Well, when we are talking about the pandemic, we definitely would like to mention one thing that we have all learned during these times and that is patience.

The patience of being stuck at home, the patience of not being able to interact with your loved ones, the patience to live on a less salary, and honestly, what not?

When we say that patience never goes out of fashion then we mean that you need to have it inside you to sustain these uncertain times or these times will make you learn it in one way or the other.

When you are patient, then you are able to deal with these situations easily and you can grow easily during these situations.

If we talk about growth then we can definitely mention the fact that how this pandemic has made us grow in our patience.

Patience will always help you in general, in your life, and even in the jobs that you choose for yourself.

4.      Relations are important:

We are humans and God knows why we need something to hit us to understand the importance of the relationships that are around us.

Be it your family, your friends, or your colleagues, you cannot deny the fact that you have definitely grown to be more connected to these people and have felt the importance of them.

But as this pandemic has made us go away from them and has made us not be able to meet anybody, we have realized how important these relationships are.

Now, when we want to hug somebody, or just shake a hand and we are not able to do it, we understand how necessary it was to keep these relations closer to our heart.

And we are very sure that as soon as the pandemic ends, everybody will keep this lesson in their mind that we should adore the people now rather than waiting for a pandemic to hit us so that we realize their value.

5.      Self-sufficiency is always needed:

These times were difficult for all of us and we cannot deny the fact that we have learned how important it is to stay in touch with the people and to always stay connected.

But, on the other hand, we have also learned how important it is to be self-sufficient and to know that you are somebody who you will always need.

In these times, we have learned that it is important to know how you need to grow alone and how you need to work on yourself for your betterment.

We have learned that as important it is to stay connected and have good relationships with the people around you, being in a good relationship with yourself is just as important.

It might look silly to some people that we do not need a relationship with ourselves but those, like us, who have felt anxious so many times, and those who hated themselves because they were not able to do anything big know how important mentioning this point is.

So, these were some of the lessons that you can hold tight onto for a lifetime so that you can grow through the uncertain times and so you know how you can deal with these unwanted situations.

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