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Gojek Clone: #1 Multi-Service On-Demand App For Entrepreneurs

Mobile apps build customer loyalty, attract more customers, make business operations convenient, and much more. Existing and new businesses must understand a mobile app’s importance and leverage them to the greatest potential. After the pandemic, entrepreneurs have realized any business, including one that offers on-demand app. Without a mobile app or an online presence is ‘nothing.’ Therefore, entrepreneurs are opting for apps like Gojek Clone. 

The Relationship Between Entrepreneurs and Gojek Clone App 

Every entrepreneur with a small or big on-demand business needs a robust and all-inclusive app like Gojek because it adds value to their business. What kind of value can a mobile app add? Read below to understand: 

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Cultivates customer loyalty 

A business that runs in a highly competitive market must cultivate elevated customer loyalty because repetitive customers are an asset. Businesses need to put extra effort into it if they are working in an offline environment. However, with a comprehensive app like Gojek, they can increase customer loyalty effortlessly. 

Entrepreneurs can provide attractive referral codes, location-wise discounts, and so on. These components improve customer loyalty by luring them to use the app repeatedly. 

Provide convenient service 

With the Gojek Clone on-demand multi-service, you can fulfill every demand customers raise, including one where they wish to get everything at their doors. Yes! With this on-demand app, entrepreneurs can offer more than 82 services on a single platform. 

That’s not all because every service is backed with the best features, making everything more convenient for customers. For example, entrepreneurs can provide customers with features like 

  • Single-time registration with social media credentials 
  • Real-time order tracking 
  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint 
  • Multiple credit card management
  • In-app notifications 
  • Online video consultation 
  • Voice note instructions 
  • OTP verification 

Moreover, multiple services available on the app make it easy for customers to install one app and access more than 82 services. Additionally, the single app download saves a lot of phone storage space, letting customers use that space for other purposes they want!

Useful marketing insights 

Another useful Gojek Clone advantage for entrepreneurs is they can use the collected data to their advantage and build a better brand! How? Well, the Advanced Reports, Advanced Analytics, Robust Dashboard, and other activity tracking features available on the Admin Panel empowers entrepreneurs to make better business decisions. 

Advanced Analytics

App owners can keep an eye on every activity going on the app such as the number of rides booked, commissions earned in the last month, customer;’s most preferred payment method, etc. 

Advanced Reports 

Advanced reports make it easy for the App Owner to keep track of the earnings, where marketing efforts need to be made, whether commission rates should be increased or not, and so on. In simpler terms, Advanced Reports help the entrepreneur to run the business well. 

Enhances marketing efforts 

In today’s competitive world, it is important to market the brand well and enhance business awareness. Therefore, this Gojek Clone app makes it easy for entrepreneurs to speak volumes about their brand because it contains the brand’s name & logo everywhere! The color theme of the app matches the brand, and so on. 

In simpler words, this on-demand multi-service app is the most convenient marketing channel for every brand. If entrepreneurs know how to promote their apps well, there is no way they leave a single stone unturned. 

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In Addition! 

The app is pocket-friendly 

The app is pocket-friendly because it’s pre-built. Unlike building the app from scratch, it takes only a fraction of the cost. Therefore, without incurring a huge expense of millions, these apps can be launched even with a small budget. 

Go live in 1 to 2 weeks! 

Entrepreneurs can go live with their Gojek Clone app in just 1 to 2 weeks! It takes less than two weeks to completely white-label the app and launch it on iOS and Android App Stores!  

In Conclusion: 

Get the on-demand multi-service app from the white-labeling experts that offer the Best Gojek Clone. Start making more money with this platform and become the most successful entrepreneur of 2022! 

Get the app today!

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