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My mouth is horrible and I’m embarrassed to go to the dentist. What do I do?

Has it been a long time since you were last at the dentist? During that time you may have developed cavities, your teeth have lost their natural whiteness or even have lost teeth. In spite of everything, or precisely because of it, you still do not go to the dentist. If you have teeth alignment issues then invisible braces are the best choice.

The shame of going to the dentist should not mark your life or your health. At some point you have to break the cycle of shame and insecurity.

What happens if I stop going to the dentist?

We start from the basis that everyone knows that it is necessary to go to the dentist regularly, although sometimes insecurity and shame prevail over reason. 

Embarrassment can make you stop going to the dentist, letting years go by, which only aggravates the situation even more, affecting you in different ways.

Insecurity in social interactions

If we are ashamed, it is precisely because we feel insecure, in this case, insecure about our mouth and teeth. The mouth is a private part of our body, which we do not usually show and share with too many people. You may be dissatisfied with the appearance and condition of your mouth. And embarrassed to go to the dentist because you don’t want anyone to see it. We don’t want anyone to see our mouths, we try not to show our teeth too much when we speak or smile. In the end, we have to be careful that they don’t see each other too much because of what they will think of us. We feel ashamed and   afraid of being judged by the condition of our mouth.

The damage to your mouth keeps increasing

Avoiding visits to the dentist will only allow those oral problems that we have to worsen even more. If problems are not treated properly, they tend to aggravate and multiply. Caries are bacterial diseases that, if not stopped, spread throughout the mouth and cause tooth loss, even when good dental hygiene habits are followed.

Greater embarrassment to go to the dentist

The greater the damage to your mouth, the greater the embarrassment of going to the dentist. Therefore, avoiding visits to the dentist is only going to cause us greater insecurity, to the extent that oral problems will be greater and greater. 

No shame at all in going to the dentist

It is understandable that you feel uncomfortable if you have not followed proper dental hygiene and think that the dentist is going to blame you for not brushing your teeth enough. But what he really does is help you. What we have to be clear about is that the dentist is a doctor who only wants to help us solve our oral health problems.  A dentist is a health professional, used to dealing with problems of this type. His job is to take care of your oral health and help you feel better about yourself.  

If you allow it, the dentist will clean your teeth, rid you of any infection and can even replace missing teeth. It doesn’t matter if the dentist sees your teeth yellow, decayed and with tartar. They are not there to judge you, but to treat the problems you have and guide you to get better oral care. Your dentist has already seen all the possible conditions, and surely he has treated patients with more serious oral problems than yours.

Overcome the embarrassment of going to the dentist with a terrible mouth

The sense of embarrassment is reversed by restoring your mouth to optimal condition. First of all, you have to assume the state of oral health in which you find yourself and then correct the bad habits that have caused it. That sometimes we do not brush our teeth as we should and the neglect of doing it often.  

You must have the will and decision to reverse the damage caused. Today there are many options to restore health to your mouth and have a beautiful smile. To overcome shame and fix your dental problems you must go to the dentist and face your shame. 

Another solution is to resort to sedation since in this way we do not feel pain, if the main reason is the fear of pain.

As soon as the problem is corrected, dignity returns and shame vanishes, so leave the shame and fear behind and think about the benefits of having a healthy mouth again. You shouldn’t be ashamed to smile.

How to have and/or maintain a healthy mouth

An annual cleaning allows to remove the tartar that can accumulate and prevent the appearance of cavities. You must trust your dentist and tell him about your situation and needs (e.g. Pregnancies. So that he can advise you on the best way to proceed at all times. Make sure to check invisible braces in islamabad Pakistan.

Oral hygiene routine

It is vital for good oral health to follow proper oral hygiene habits.

Here are some oral hygiene tips:

Brush your teeth frequently. After each meal, especially before bed. 

Floss. Complement brushing with flossing at least once a day, ideally before bed. 

Mouthwash. After brushing. 

Both in the form of disability and phobias and fears. We understand that the most important thing is to build the confidence you need to move forward. Make an appointment now and don’t let problems get worse!

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