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Stand Out Of Crowd Via Gift Card Boxes – 6 Simple Tips & Tricks

Gift Card Boxes – Clients get hundreds of card boxes that they just throw in the trash. The question is, why? It is because and gift boxes never really catch a client’s eye. People usually don’t put much effort into creating their gift card boxes. If only a few simple tips and tricks were followed by your company, your business card would stay in a client’s wallet instead of ending up in the trash.

Your Gift Card Boxes should be of the perfect weight

The weight of your cards and gift card boxes is one thing that creates an impact. If your business card is very lightweight, your client might think it’s not of good quality or you didn’t put much effort into it. Therefore, your business card should be on the heavier side. This is why gift cards are always a good option. They are a unique way of creating boxes and are a perfect weight as well. However, your card shouldn’t be very heavy. Otherwise, no client would want to carry it around.

Shape and size of your Gift Card Boxes

Gift cards boxes usually have a general shape, and all companies get their cards made based on that shape. However, don’t you think it is a little too mundane? You should think out of the Box and come up with a different shape for your gift card boxes and custom gift boxes. Also, play around with its size a bit. It shouldn’t be too big but can be bigger than the general size Teak Outdoor Furniture.

Make it a little personal

Gift card boxes nowadays have so much written on them that it almost seems like it has been littered with words. Your gift card should have vital information on them, but leaving some white space on them is also essential. This white space can be used by you to add personal notes for certain clients. If you don’t want to leave white space on your cards, you can leave them on your gift card boxes wholesale. This way, when you’re sending out your cards, you can write the name of the person they are being sent to and a small note for that person.

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Create event-oriented gift card boxes

It is always good to have a small batch of gift card boxes and custom-printed boxes running in small batches – they come in handy for special events. Special events such as expos or job fairs have a different audience that you have to cater to. Therefore, you should use special to attract different audiences. You don’t have to get these special cards made in bulk. However, getting 500 cards printed for an event is always good. Also, your design for such cards and gift cards should always be ready.

Represent your company

Your gift boxes and gift card packaging are a way of representing your company. People should look at these cards and know that they belong to a specific company. For this reason, your logo should be there on your gift card. The logo shouldn’t be very huge; however, it should be noticeable. Apart from that, your company’s address, telephone number and website should always be mentioned on your cards and gift card packaging. This helps clients understand your company better.

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Keep Gift Card Boxes simple

One thing that you should be clear about is that your gift boxes and cannot be shimmery or cannot have a lot written on them. Yes, you can use innovative designs for them. However, if your business card is too shimmery, it might look like a birthday card, and you don’t want them. Look for neutral colours; try going with a sleek look. Furthermore, only add essential information to your gift cards. You should not write your company’s bio on the card. Provide your client with your website on the business card, and they can find out more about your company themselves.

To wrap it up

Your gift card boxes and gift cards represent your business. They can be called one of the most effective marketing techniques as well; therefore, it’s important for you to choose your design wisely.

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