Don’t Google What Dinosaur has 500 teeth

We see a lot of Google searches that amaze us in some way but also help us know the world more closely. A few days ago, I was going through the top searches and Google, and imagine what I found?

There was a question about what dinosaur has 500 teeth, and it grabbed my attention on the spot. Well, if anybody reads this statement, he or she will get curious and click on a link to know more.

What dinosaurs have 500 teeth is not an ordinary question because it has some link with reality. There is complete research and history behind this question, and in this article, we will discuss a glimpse of it.

Dinosaurs are extinct organisms, but research on them is still going on. Some time ago a dinosaur called Nigersaurus became famous as meme material, but later on, it was found that it has 500 teeth.

There was a buzz on social media that don’t search what dinosaurs have 500 teeth as it is not more than just a meme. Well, the reality is different, and there is a dinosaur called Nigersaurus with 500 teeth.

The case of Nigersaurus was a bit confusing because it was more like evoking people’s attention towards a bizarre event as there was no authentic proof. When the matter got highlighted, everybody got interested and the news circulated among the masses.

According to research Nigersaurusis, is a carnivorous dinosaur found in a small village in west Africa. The history and story of Nigersaurus are beautiful and interesting simultaneously. 

It was about 115 million years ago when a dinosaur with 500 teeth lived in the Republic of Niger. The dinosaur is named after his place of living. Monumental discoveries were made, and later it was found that it is a unique dinosaur with 500 teeth.

It was a prime discovery made in the history of Dinosaurs because nothing like this was found before. There were discoveries on dinosaurs, but nothing was as interesting as this one.

There were different terms used like ‘ dinosaur weighing the heaviest’ and ‘ Dinosaur 500 teeth ‘ to highlight this mystery and entice the researchers of that time.

The experts of that time found the sketch of those dinosaurs and discovered their mode of survival, body specifications, and other details to see what is happening in the world.

The dinosaur was named Nigersaurus because it was found in the Republic of Niger. Niger is a country in west Africa, and people remember it as the Republic of Niger. It is a deserted area with mountains and uranium deposits. 

Nigersaurus consists of four limbs, a small neck, skull, and visibly large tail. It consists of 500 teeth with active replacement and is extremely asymmetrical. 

What is the history of Nigersaurus?

history of Nigersaurus

It is a carnivorous dinosaur that was initially discovered by PhillippeTaquet. He found the remains of the dinosaur, but they were not enough to complete the discovery. He was not able to find the skeleton, and the discovery ended.

Later on, when the discovery gets unnoticed, another scientist found the remains of Nigersaurus, but this time they were not scattered. He was an American paleontologist known as Pual Sereno, who found the skeleton of the mysterious dinosaur with 500 teeth.

He found the skeleton in 1999, and later in 2007 Paul and his colleague Jeffery A. Wilson presented some details on Nigersaurus. They discussed eating habits and skull details with the world.

Paul Sereno called it an unusual dinosaur because Nigersaurus consists of 500 teeth, and this is an unusual discovery. He with his team went on an expedition where they found the skull of Nigersaurus, and after coming back he researched it and found out the 500 teeth of Nigersaurus.

What are Nigersaurus and the history behind 500 teeth?

What are Nigersaurus and the history behind 500 teeth?

When Nigersaurus became a meme material on the internet, people had no idea that there was a dinosaur with 500 teeth in reality.

It is basically a dinosaur that lived for 115 million years in the Republic of Niger. Scientists paid homage to Taqueti, who first found the remains of the skull and name it scientifically Nigersaurus Taqueti.

Now, if we discuss the reality of 500 teeth, there is truth in it. Not all the teeth are permanent, but around 500 teeth are remaining in the Nigersaurus skull. They consist of a mixture of both permanent and replaceable teeth.

So, if somebody asks what dinosaurs has 500 teeth, you must know that it is not a meme but a fact!

If we talk about the appearance and how Nigersaurus looks like you should have an image of Sauropods in your mind. It is because Nigersaurusis are quite similar to Sauropods with thicker hind legs, a small head, and a dinosaur tail.

Sauropods are lizard-hipped dinosaurs with long necks and four limbs. The sizes of Sauropods vary from animal to animal. Nigersaurus resembles Sauropods because of their four limbs but their necks are shorter in length.

Nigersaurus is a tall dinosaur with 9m length and a short neck. There are around 13 vertebrae in its neck and its body structure makes it look small. According to scientists, the weight of the Nigersaurus is a dinosaur with a weight of 4 tons and 30 feet in length.

If you compare Nigersaurus with other dinosaurs, you will find it small and more like an elephant appearance. The hind legs of Nogersaurusare thick and the femur of these dinosaurs are almost 1 meter high.

Skull of Nigersaurus:

Skull of Nigersaurus

The skull of the Nigersaurus is a bit peculiar because it adjusts 500 teeth, and that is unlike the dinosaur feature. It has four openings, but they ate not significant. The openings are known as Fanestraand they are not fully defined like other dinosaurs with long necks.

Although the openings are not significant, that does not mean the skull is weak or something. It is strong enough to hold 500 teeth in it. It can shear the weight of 500 teeth easily. 

The snouts of Nigersaurus are short, but the nostrils are elongated and bony. And if you compare the skull of Nigersaurus with other dinosaurs, you will find a unique and distinct feature, and it is the depression in the cerebral section.

The maxillary tooth of the Nigersaurus is also rotated to accommodate 500 teeth in the skull. The rotation of the maxillary tooth is similar to the lower jaw rotation, and it is also a distinct feature of the Nigersaurus skull.

The 500 teeth of Nigersaurus completely adjust with its carnivorous nature as they are thicker from the outside and curved from the inside. The curved tooth crowns help the Nigersaurusto tear plants from the ground and make their living comfortable.

The upper jaw of the Nigersaurus is bigger as compared to the lower jaw to allow easy tearing and eating of plants from the ground. The shape and structure of the teeth are adjustable for their carnivorous attitude although they are large in number.

Based on 500 teeth the scientist who first discovered it called it a dicreaosaurus but later when Pual did proper research he included it under the category of rebbachisaurid diplodocoid. It was because of its short neck and body structure.

The rebbachisaurid diplodocoid also consists of a short neck and based on this feature Sereno reclassified Nigersaurus and included it in the category of.

Body of Nigersaurus

Body of Nigersaurus

The body of the Nigersaurus is similar to Sauropods because it has robust limbs and an elongated structure. Although the neck is short the rest of the body is elongated and consists of two-thirds of the hind legs.

The two-thirds of the hind legs is a different feature because it is also found in diplodocus. According to Paul Sereno, the body of the Nigersaurus is like an ancient crocodile with heavily pierced vertebral arches and armor plates present at the back.

The armor plates are present on the back, and they cover a distance of 1 foot. Another interesting thing about Nigersaurus is its tail. It has no solid centra in its tail vertebrae and this is something interesting.

The vertebral arches in the back of the Nigersaurus are present between pneumatic openings and thick laminae. It makes the back of Nigersaurus elongated and strong.

What do Nigersaurus eat?

A lot of research on Nigersaurus teeth shows scratches with pits. And according to this, it was thought that they are herbivores and rely on ground plants for their food requirement. But Paul Sereno was sure that Nigersaurusused to eat aquatic ferns, short ferns, and some other plants.

He was sure because Nigersaurus has a lateral rotation of teeth and it makes it tough to chew. So, they mainly depend on short ferns and aquatic plants.

The eating habits of Nigersaurus clearly show an early and fast decay of teeth. But that does not mean Nigersaurus survived without 500 teeth in their lives. The research shows that there was a higher teeth replacement in Nigersaurus dinosaurs and it makes their survival much easier.

A new and functioning tooth replaces the decayed tooth to maintain the massive range of 500 teeth in Nigersaurus.

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