Advantages of Kuboraum Unique Glasses

The advantages of Kuboraum unique glasses are many and you will definitely love the unique design and concept of these. These are not only good looking but also provide you with the protection that you need. Also, you can buy from at very affordable prices. This will ensure that you get the best for your money.


Kuboraum is a unique eyewear brand that is hand-crafted in Italy. It is known for its unique design and aesthetic. The designs are designed to highlight the personality of the wearer.

Kuboraum is a concept brand that was created by Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi. They met in Berlin in 2009. Their meeting resulted in the founding of KUBORAUM. Since then, they have launched various optical products, including Kuboraum sunglasses.

Kuboraum is a brand that combines German inspiration with Italian craftsmanship. They are also well-known for their avant-garde and experimental designs. Many celebrities are spotted wearing KUBORAUM sunglasses. For instance, Lady Gaga has worn a pair of cat-eye frames from KUBORAUM.

Kuboraum sunglasses have a unique design, with features like interweaving filaments and stud inserts. In addition, these sunglasses are handmade in Italy.


Kuboraum is an Italian eyewear brand that manufactures sunglasses and frames. The brand was created by artist Livio Graziottin and anthropologist Sergio Eusebi. They met in Berlin in 2009 and launched the brand the following year.

The company’s name derives from the word KUBORAUM, which means cubic room in German. KUBORAUM was conceived as an alternative to the dominant aesthetics in eyewear. In fact, the designer’s aim is to make sunglasses that are both a work of art and functional.

KUBORAUM has always stayed true to its artistic vision. It is known for its innovative use of materials, as well as its constant pursuit of new ideas. This has led the label to attract A-list eyewear fans.

Kuboraum is a conceptual project that combines Italian hand-production with experimentation. In February 2012, the brand opened its flagship store in Berlin. Located on the border of East and West Berlin, it is a place where real people, as well as art, can be found.

Ethical and humanistic

Optical players have their hands full in the eyewear business. In a bid to keep up with consumer demands, these players are scouring the globe for new sources of growth. Those with a nose for the latest and greatest in the ophthalmic business are rewarded with a captive customer base that is willing to spend for quality. The competition is tough, but a bit of creativity and a dollop of luck can lead to a winner.

Ethical production practices are in vogue amongst consumers and brands alike. One notable example is the use of castor bean oil, rather than the more conventional petroleum based alternatives. A little research into the matter reveals that the replacement is a much healthier alternative. Moreover, the aforementioned oil is a renewable resource, which is important given the recent global warming disaster.


KUBORAUM is a brand of unique glasses that is based in Berlin. The company was founded by Antonio Pincin, who is a physicist and engineer. He was also the head of manufacturing at the company. His goal was to develop innovative designs that would complement the style of the wearer.

Kuboraum sunglasses are designed to protect the eyes from the sun. They are made from high quality plastic and are hard wearing. All of the glasses are carefully designed to ensure that they fit the wearer’s face. This gives them a minimalist look. Their designs are very creative. In fact, they are not just the latest in fashion; they are a reflection of the personality of the wearer. These glasses are a perfect combination of Italian craftsmanship and Berlin inspiration.


KUBORAUM LUMIERE Series sunglasses are the epitome of cool and stylish. Their eye-catching designs feature embellishments and stud inserts that add a touch of class. And, they are available for the general public. Kuboraum – the brainchild of Italian fashion guru Sergio Eusebi and artist Livio Graziottin – is an ethically-minded venture that looks after cultural and social principles while creating a splashy brand presence. In addition to their flagship store and design studio in Berlin, the company has a thriving line of clothing, accessories, and other baubles that can be found all over Europe and beyond. For anyone looking to add a little flair to their look, they are a great place to start. With a selection spanning from aviators to wayfarers, they are sure to meet and exceed your every eye-candy stipulation.

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