A Look at the Evolution of Clothing

Clothing has been with us since the beginning of human history.

What are some of the biggest fashion trends  

The most notable one would have to be skinny jeans in recent years. This style became incredibly popular when icons like wore them in style portfolios. Which have even become a thing in today’s culture. Other infamous fashion trends include bell bottom jeans and cuffed jeans .

All in all fashion is constantly evolving around the world with every style statement. Being completely different than before. Whether it be color or cut anything goes. When it comes to style these days.

That help identify a person’s culture, profession mood and style of living. There are many different styles of clothing. Which have evolved over time in response to changes in climate adaptation or fashion trends. This article will explore some examples of this evolution.

One style of clothing generations ago was the kimono style

 For centuries worn by Japanese people. It represented their changing views on fashion .The style started as being only for the rich but became more accessible as everyday wear from around 1000 AD until modern times. Many culture groups have adopted this style throughout history including those from Central Asia and Pu-Yi’s Chinese court.

The next style, harem pants or harem style

The next style harem pants or harem style became popular in the Middle East and North Africa. was introduced into Europe through contact with Muslim countries during the 19th century . Who made it fashionable though India. Many fashion houses today continue to reflect this style. 

The Kimono style evolved

The Kimono style evolved into another style known as yukata which is summer wear for both women and men. Yukata style first became popular in Japan during the Heian period as a form of casual wear.

These style of clothing have been around for centuries starting from the Heian period to even modern day time as it has become an extremely popular style among Japanese people. Today yukatas look similar to kimonos but do not feature any traditional motifs or designs . Rather these robes only come in two colors: purple and green.

A style that took off after harem pants were harem

A style that took off after harem pants. Were harem shorts which originated during World War I when British soldiers wore them. Which extend to or near the knee. Women’s harem pants style eventually evolved into a style similar to hot pants which became popular during the 1970s.

Over time fashion trends have continued to evolve. While there are many other examples, these style will hopefully give you some insight on how style has changed throughout history . There’s a style for every individual, and fashion is always changing. With style being such a subjective factor in clothing choice. It can easily be difficult to pinpoint exactly. What style or fashion someone prefers over another style or fashion.


Every style of clothing is represented in every culture. Whether it is visible to the eye or not. With style being subjective to preference. It can be difficult to discuss what style an individual prefers without having a preference as to style oneself. Whether it is visible to the eye or not.

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