590 Visa Australia-Stay as a Student Guardian

The Australian government always considers the best interests of a Student, especially those under the age of 18. Parents of students studying abroad will feel less stressed if they look after their children themselves. The Australian Department of Home Affairs has developed the Guardian 590 Visa to recognize this.

Guardian Visa Australia is a particular visa grant to individuals in the care of a student under 18 years or an adult student with special needs. It enables individuals to come to Australia and take care of a child with a Student visa, Subclass 500.

The applicant must be the child’s biological parents or another qualifying family member.

Who can Apply for a 590 Visa in Australia?

If you are above 21 and meet the following criteria, you can apply for a guardian student visa in Australia:

  • Parent of a student.
  • Custodian of a student.
  • Relative of a student.

Eligibility Requirements for the 590 Visa Australia

To be qualified to apply for the Student Guardian visa 590, you must meet these requirements:

  • This visa can be apply both inside and outside Australia.
  • Applicants must have an appropriate substantive visa to apply from within Australia.
  • Typically, only one person can apply for this visa.
  • The candidate must be the student’s parent, someone with custody of the student, or a family member of the student who is at least 21 and has been select by the student’s legal guardian in writing.
  • For the guardian to be qualified for a 590 Visa, the student must be under 18.
  • Candidates must be able to support the student and provide for their housing, general well-being, and needs.
  • The Department of Homes Affairs will require applicants to provide proof that they have the funds necessary to cover their stay in Australia, including travel fees, meeting costs, and costs for oneself, any accompanying family members, and the holder of a student visa 500.
  • Candidates must have sufficient health insurance.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they will return to their country of origin after the visa’s validity period has expired in their GTE.
  • Candidates must adhere to Australian character and health requirements.
  • Australia prohibits work to the guardians.
  • The guardian’s stay must be temporary and restrict to the length of the courses the international student is enroll in.

The Student Guardian 590 Visa Cost

590 Visa currently costs AUD 650. But if you bring other family members, you have to pay extra for each one.

How long can you stay on a 590 Visa?

The guardian can stay in Australia for the same duration as the student they are caring for, depending on the student visa conditions. In order to continue providing guardianship to the student after the guardian visa expires, you will need to renew the visa. 

What does 590 Visa Australia allow you to do?

With the Student Guardian 590 Visa, you can:

  • Due to exceptional circumstances, travel to Australia to provide support and care to a student visa holder less than 18 years of age.
  • Have a temporary stay in Australia for up to 5 years.
  •  Include your family members in the application.
  • You can apply whether you are inside or outside of Australia.
  • You may travel between Australia and other countries as often as you like.

Conditions that apply once you are grant a visa:

  • You cannot work in Australia.
  • You are prohibit to study for longer than three months
  • You must continue to have your authorized foreign visitor health insurance.
  • You cannot apply for additional Australian visas.
  • Whether a sibling must meet Australia’s obligations under the 1951 UN treaty.
  • Without taking the nominate student with you and informing the department that you have made the necessary arrangements for the student, you are not permitt to leave Australia.

How long does it take for the guardian visa 590 to be process?

Essentially, the application type submitted will determine how long it takes to process a student guardian visa. The duration could be between;

  • 25% of applications take 23 days to process
  • For 50% of applications, it takes 46 days
  • 75 percent of applications are process within three months
  • In 90% of cases, it takes 5 months

Bringing the children along with you

You can only bring children younger than six if one of the following is true:

  • If there are compassionate and caring reasons.
  • It would greatly improve Australia’s relationship with another country’s government if the visa is grant.
  •  To apply in this case, you must be 21 years of age and have a letter of support from your parent or guardian.
  • The child must be as healthy as you are and have health insurance for the whole time they are in Australia.
  • Students at least six years old can come with you, but they need to get their student visas.


Students under the age of 18 need help with daily tasks, and they need help from qualified and caring people. As for the students, getting paid service is hard and expensive, and family members are the best people to care for them.

Because of these things, the Australian Department of Immigration has set aside 590 Visa Australia for this. The parents can apply to make sure the student under 18 is safe.

Getting in touch with the right and well-informed Migration Agent Australia can help you take advantage of the pay and other benefits of applying for and obtaining this visa.

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